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Giovana left her native country of Panama fifteen years ago in pursuit of the opportunity to live an artistic and creative life as a musician. Her music is a reflection of that journey, built upon her Panamanian roots, and blended with influences of Jazz, Afro-Peruvian, Latin Pop, and world music styles that have inspired her music while living and performing in the US.   


Giovana started her musical journey by performing in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area as a pianist/vocalist, as a music educator. As the co-founder of the Latin music group Rhythms & Roots, she has performed with outstanding musicians in Philadelphia and New York such as guitarist/arranger Enrique López, bassist Jorge Bringas, percussionist Marvin Diz, as well as Nestor Villar and Francois Zayas.


In 2005, Giovana was selected as a vocalist to perform with the Philadelphia Music Project’s Latin Orchestra led by Salsa legend Johnny Pacheco and Cuban composer/pianist Elio Villafranca.


Giovana's first recording debut was on Elio Villafranca’s critically acclaimed debut album Incantations with the song “Prende la Vela”.


Her debut album Introducing Giovana is a musical diary of sacrifice, growth, and perseverance told through original songs and new arrangements of classics and folkloric music from her homeland of Panama. The album is produced and arranged by Grammy-nominated producer/pianist/ arranger Elio Villafranca who was an integral part of this project from start to finish. All musicians on this recording include Elio Villafranca (piano), Yunior Terry (bass & violin), Juancho Herrera (guitar), Francois Zayas (drums), Hector Morales (cajón), and Renatto Thoms (percussion). 


Giovana sings from a natural place fueled by emotion. Giovana loves connecting with her audience on and off-stage. Follow her musical journey and get inspired by her Latin rhythms.



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